EDAN FTS-3 Telemetry unit

Seamless fetal monitoring

FTS-3 Fetal Telemetry System offers comfortable, seamless fetal monitoring for antepartum and intrapartum clinical needs. Designed with convenience and flexibility for mothers and obstetrical care givers, FTS-3 measures external twins FHR, and uterine activity via TOCO transducer.

Twin compatible

  • Automatic transducer identification
  • Regardless of which slot the transducers are in, the device automatically recognises which probe is to be used
  • You can return the transducers to any of the slots simplifying use of the unit

Dual colour LED display

  • The signal quality indicator enables optimisation of the transducer’s position
  • Up to 14 base stations can be active simultaneously without interfering with each other

Ultrasound probe with 12 crystals

Our 12-crystal ultrasound probe employs advanced technologyunique to EDAN, providing wider beam area and more homogeneous signal, thus realizing better performance for bedside monitors than conventional transducers. 


  • Unique twins FHR monitoring
  • Highly sensitive 12-crystal FHR probe
  • Dual Color OLED display
  • Automatically probe identification
  • Great freedom of movement for the patient
  • Cordless waterproof probe for water delivery
  • Optional rechargeable battery for base station
  • Long lasting rechargeable battery for the probe
  • Base station with built-in antenna
  • Compatible with F9 Express
  • Standard Configuration: FHR, TOCO, AFM
  • Optional Configuration: Twins FHR, MECG/DECG