A complete archiving system

MILOU is an IT support system that simplifies management of CTG data from activities in the Obstetrics and Gynaecology Department. MILOU provides paperless database storage of information from CTG devices, and distributes information in real time from the CTG devices to personnel wherever they are located.

During development of the system, much thought has been given to producing a user-friendly system. Consequently, after a brief introduction, the user should be able to use the system without the need to continually consult a user manual or technical personnel.

MEDEXA has been awarded the Sjukvårdens IT prize 2009 [Healthcare Prize for 2009] for the MILOU system in the category Medical Technical Solutions. This prize is awarded by the journals Dagens Medicin and Computer Sweden.

Functional and tried and tested

MILOU is the leading system for storage and management of CTG. MILOU is 100% Swedish. Feedback on the experiences and wishes from users in Swedish Maternity Departments has enabled us to make the system easy-to-use and intuitive. The first MILOU system was put into operation in 1999 and today more than 100 installations are up and running in six countries. This has resulted in a tried and tested, operationally-reliable system.

Automatic storage

All collected data are stored automatically in a database. Investigations from several years ago can be retrieved easily in seconds.

Handles both CTG and ST data

In addition to documented support for all leading CTG devices, MILOU has full support for STAN® and ST data.

Integration with the medical records system

MILOU can be integrated with the obstetric medical records system to simplify and rationalise administration of patient data.

Flexible architecture

MILOU is a highly flexible system that can be tailored to meet differing requirements and wishes from maternity departments. The system’s work stations can be located wherever suitable: in the reception, doctor’s offices or in delivery suites.

CE marked

MILOU is CE marked in accordance with the Medical Devices Directive. This is a requirement if the system is to be used in a clinical setting. To protect the patient, insulated and CE marked plugs are used, the MILOU Serial Wall Connector.