Endoscope service

MEDEXA has spent a number of years developing repair service for flexible endoscopes for most brands in the market. In collaboration with Endoscope Complete Services GmbH & Co, Medexa can now offer even faster service at competitive prices.

EndoComplete – Experts for experts

EndoComplete offers complete solutions regardless of endoscope manufacturer, including everything from maintenance and repair to advice, training and financing. EndoComplete’s most important resource is our motivated and highly-qualified colleagues who can match your high requirements with their know-how. We know that every day without a working endoscope results in long delays in investigations and postponed diagnoses. Medexa have therefore focused strongly on developing routines that enable us to offer as fast a turnaround as possible. 

We take care of just about everything

EndoComplete’s service is fast, effective, of the highest standard and cost-efficient. ISO certification to EN ISO 13485 and 9001 ensures the quality of the repairs, which is consistent for all brands, and meets all the regulations of the Swedish Medical Products Agency. EndoComplete’s quality standard applies to our full service of flexible endoscopes throughout Europe. We always endeavour to provide the optimal solution and the fastest service for you, the customer.

• Free cost estimates for repairs when ordering
• Maintenance agreements

• Optimal endoscope handling
• Injury minimisation
• Proposals for cost reduction (free training for contract partners)

Repair and maintenance
• Flexible endoscopes
• Endosonography endoscopes
• TEE probes
• Ultrasound probes

ISO certified repair process
• ISO certification in accordance with EN ISO 13485 and 9001 guarantees independent repairs of the highest quality
• Performed in accordance with the guidelines and regulations of the Swedish Medical Products Agency

Advisory services
• To clinics for layout of endoscopy operations and planned construction
• Quality assurance for handling flexible endoscopes
• Process analysis and optimisation