Welcome to MEDEXA!

MEDEXA Diagnostisk Service AB is a long-established and well-known company within high-technology healthcare. Its background is in ultrasound, magnetic resonance tomography and delivery care. Operations started with magnetic resonance tomography (MRI) in Lund.

Today, MEDEXA sells and develops the well-known program Milou, a leading IT support system for storage and management of CTG. MEDEXA also sells products for women’s healthcare including fetal monitors, lactate monitors, colposcopes and software. In addition, we sell ultrasound devices, dental products and consumables, as well as offering service of endoscopes.

MEDEXA Diagnostisk Service AB is a company within medical technology and IT and is wholly-owned by the Stock exchange listed company, Indutrade AB. The main office is located in Limhamn, Malmö.