Fetal monitoring

Monitors from Edan and Toitu

For many years we have worked with a number of very popular products in the fetal heart rate detector segment. This means everyone can have the monitor that is correct for purpose.


Toitu FD-490

As well as delivering safety and reassurance to pregnant women, we want to deliver greater convenience and more comfort to the professionals working in a medical practice.

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EDAN SonoTrax II

Edan SonoTrax II is an easy-to-use doppler with a compact design and waterproof probe.

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With excellent sensitivity, complete interchangeability and high durability, SD3 series Ultrasonic Pocket Doppler are ideal for routine fetal heart rate detection by the clinicians.

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Toitu FD-390

Our former popular model FD-390 has been replaced by FD-490.

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