Photo and Video

These colposcopes make it easy to record highresolution images. Small-aperture lenses are used to achieve a large depth of field. The photo/ video lens has a smaller aperture than the viewing lens to prevent vignetting via the speculum. The combined depth of field and shutter release settings remain fixed until the moment the shutter is released. Beam splitters are not used.

300-3ML_LED_0012_01MODEL 3ML LED

Photo/video colposcope for the documentation of examination results. Intended for the connection of external cameras:

  • Magnification adjustor for x 7.5/15/30 magnification
  • Integrated mono photo/video optics with the appropriate magnification
  • Digital SLR camera or video camera can be connected





For the documentation of examination results in everyday consultations. With integrated camera:

  • Magnification adjustor for x 7.5/15/30 magnification
  • Integrated 1.3 Megapixel video camera
  • USB 2.0 interface
  • For connection to a PC or laptop
  • Basic image viewing software ColpoSoft included with delivery.



300-3MVS_LED_YC_NTSC_0009_03Model 3MVS LED Y/C NTSC

For presentation on a monitor. With integrated camera:

  • Magnification adjustor for x 3.75/7.5/15 magnification
  • Integrated video camera to the NTSC standard
  • Y/C interface (S-video)
  • For connection to an NTSC monitor. Including 5.00 meter cable

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